Thursday, December 18, 2008


Wiring up the rear derailleur

Neatly trim the outer shield leaving approximately 10mm showing

Thread on the sealing bellows

Thread around to the attaching screw. Use the 'third hand' to pull it all taught.

At full pull, set the limit screw.

So easy, I wonder if I even deserve a beer for that. I'll have one whilst I think about it.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Handlebar grips

As the brake housings are blue I sourced some blue handlebar grips.
The smallest touch of liquid soap is enough to help slip them on. I like them to twist a little under my hands. Some people hate it, and if you do, you're better using a little alcohol instead of soap. I push them far enough on so there is a little bit of tube showing at the end. I shall be putting bar ends on later, if I can find some nice blue ones.

It's looking so good, I think I'll have a beer.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Wiring up the front derailleur

Out comes the front dérailleur packing spacer.

Tug the cable taught, measure up and, with a sharp knife, cut off the excess cover.

Remember to have the 'third hand' to hand, so to speak.

On with the shield bellows and thread through the stop screw.

Check, using the trigger-shifter that everything works. Then torque up.

Whilst holding a beer in the other hand of course.

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Monday, December 15, 2008


Routing rear derailleur cable

Routing the rear derailleur was a little more complicated than the front.

The end stops were slightly too narrow for either variety of ferule that came with the cables. I could drill out the end-stops to slightly widen them, but I dislike modding a frame unless it is absolutely unavoidable. So it was a case of hunting through spare parts to find some that fitted, and looked correct. Yes, I managed to locate some.

Whilst I was at it, I corrected the orientation of the cable guide for the front derailleur so the text was the correct way up.

Whilst I was at it, I lined the ferules up, so the text was apparent there too. It's all the little finishing touches that go to make a bike feel good.

The ferules were so tight they stay in place all on their own!

Shall I have a beer, or finish off here? Do I absolutely need both hands for the last bit? Well, I'll have a beer and ponder on it.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008



Getting ready for the next step in my bicycle build and what do I spy?

What? Nearly out of beer!

Oh dear, better send out for some more.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Replacing the wire on a SRAM XO rear trigger shifter

The front trigger shift looks a little different to the rear. That is because the two I have are not really a pair. The design has altered over the years, and they come from different sets. I would like to think the front trigger shifter (that I changed the wire on in an earlier post) is a more modern design. It is easier to work on that one than this design, but I don't know.

Yet, lucky for you if you've surfed in looking for instructions on how to replace this cable, as you can find descriptions for both types here.

As before the little thumb-screw on the back is easy to remove, and you can then take the back off.

This looks like fun, not. I have to unthread the wire without disturbing this spring too much. Definitely do not want to bend the spring. That leads to pain.

A little gentle pressure and pushing the spring out of the way and the cable starts to unthread. Once I've removed this cable I wind it up and throw it in the 'spare parts to be given away' bin. I've mentioned previously I dislike the open system. I much prefered a sealed system.

Now inserting the new cable is fun. It has to thread through a small hole which has little guidance and doesn't line up nicely. A little screwdriver I long since modified for this specific task. Notice the rounded off edges. We do not want anything getting scratched or notched in here. These parts are right on the limit for design and any damage will make itself readily apparent when you're right at a very important part of a race.

Pull the cable through. Now just before the end stop is due to arrive, gently push the spring out of the way and lift the end-stop over the lip and up to the face.

On goes the back and, screwsin with the thumb screw.

Done, and I believe a beer is in order.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Routing front derailleur cable

Just noticed, this is the wrong way up. Shall fix that later, when 'finishing' the bike.

Where did I leave my beer?

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Replacing the wire on a SRAM XO front trigger shifter

Here's a spare trigger shifter I'm going to use. How come I had a spare? Well, in a race I broke one, just with my thumb pressure. It's surprising how strong you can get when racing. Sent it to be repaired, but had another race the next week. No one had any single trigger shifters in stock, so I had to buy a pair. Hence I ended up with this one as a left over. The broken one was replaced, but not after several months had passed, but more on that, and the consequences, in a later post.

I really dislike the stock wire on these SRAM XO trigger shifters. I guess it is OK for deserts or places where it isn't so dirty, but I race in gloopy horrid mud nearly everytime, and icy gloopy horrid mud is even more prone to jamming stuff up. So I'm going to replace it, before fitting to the bike.

So I undo this screw on the back.

This is the make of cable system I'm going to use. Gore Ride On. It is a sealed low friction system. It is without doubt the best there is, by a long way.

Like many things at this level of bicycle component, the box is a true beauty. Yet, it must be opened, it must be emptied, and eventually it even has to be thrown away.

So the screw is out, and the back should just pop off.

You can now push the wire backwards out.

Unravel the new wire. Try not to kink it. I don't, this picture is just for effect.

Find which end of the new cable has the correct sized rivet, i.e. the one that is the same size.

Double check it. Triple check it.

And check again before cutting off the other one.

The removed cable is rolled up. I give these away at race meets if I see someone who needs a new one. I don't use them, but that's no reason to waste it.

New cable is threaded in.

Make sure the rivet seats nicely.

And reassemble the shifter.

Actually quite stressful, everytime. If one makes a mistake, it can be expensive. So I recon I deserve a beer after that.

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Monday, December 08, 2008


Initial setup of front derailleur

The gap from the top of the teeth to the bottom of the dérailleur should be between 1mm and 3mm. Obviously they should be parallel to each other.

With an appropriate screwdriver move the H (high) to make the gap line up with the outer ring when you pull at it.

There's a little plastic jobby the comes-with to stop the beasties spring pulling the lot over the inner ring. It is really helpful so I leave it in to do the high ring.

This white plastic thingy.

I take it out to adjust the L (low) screw.

Sorry, didn't take a picture of that, as my hand was otherwise occupied holding a beer.

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