Wednesday, November 16, 2005


A little bit of snow and the country comes to a grinding halt.

I got caught in a hailstorm just outside of Copenhagen this morning. Then managed to get a flat tyre because I couldn't see the glass on the cycle path. The glass was obscured by the hail. It was a really bad flat and had ripped the tyre as well, so even though I have a spare inner tube it was unrepairable. I was 10 km out from home so started to walk to the nearest shops in the hope of finding a phone number for a taxi as I could not remember any. As luck or providence would have it a taxi pulled up just in front of me, asking if I was OK, and took me home. What a nice man, I've got his number now in my wallet.

Took several cups of coffee, hot chocolate and a very hot shower to warm me back up again. A little bit of a rest and off I set for work again, this time in a car.

There I am thinking, ah well, I shall be late to work, when I get to my office, I'm first in!

As the others dribble in they're all blaming the weather for making them late. Yeah, what a lame excuse I think...

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