Monday, September 14, 2009


Make a 2GB SD card usable for an Oregon Scientific ATC2K

Formatting an SD card on an Apple Mac for use on equipment expecting a FAT16 file system can be non-trivial. I found the UI tools are not very good in this, often producing a FAT32 or other formants. I have found it more reliable to use the command line. Here is a sequence of commands I've found that create a reliable 2GB SD Card for use in an Oregon Scientific ATC2K helmet extreme sports video camera.

You need to find where the card is in the file system. Run this command both before and after inserting the card to find where it is
ls /dev/rdisk?

Assuming you discovered the card appears at rdisk6s1 from the command above.
Create a new FAT16 MS-DOS file system
newfs_msdos -v VOLUME_NAME -F 16 /dev/rdisk6s1

Now create a partition table
diskutil partitionDisk /Volumes/UNTITLED 1 MBRFormat "MS-DOS FAT16" "UNTITLED" 2000M

Now the card will appear on the desktop at UNTITLED.

Remember to eject from the desktop, so it can be used.

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