Saturday, January 03, 2009


Put the tires on

Here's a couple of spare inner tubes that have been laying about for longer than I care to remember. They were part of prizes at races ages ago, and I can't remember why they've not been used.

And a couple of spiked tires will be perfect for riding on the ice.

Oh dear, now I know why the first tube hasn't been used, and hence languishing at the back of the shelf for so long. The valve is some wierdness for a very deep rim and doesn't have a thread for a nut to hold it in place. Oops, that's not good.

Oh dear, now I know why the second tube hasn't been used, and hence languishing at the back of the shelf for so long. It's a schrader valve, and hence way too big for the hole in the rims of any wheels I have.

Right, now I know why they were prizes, they were boobie prizes! I do hope the thought of my reaction on opening the boxes made them happy. So those two tubes have gone to the charity shop, no doubt to entertain someone else in the near future. I've no use for them. Now well, I'll just have to go and get a pair of tubes from the stock I keep for my racing bikes. These Bontrager are sweet tubes. I forget who actually manufactures them.

A little air in them to make sure they fit, and don't already have a puncture. The valve stem looks a little short, but it's just because the tube is sat above the rim. I hope.

Fit the tires.

Pump them up a little harder than what I use for racing.

See the valve comes through now.

And onto the bike go the wheels.

Looks even more like a bicyce now.

Time for a beer.

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is beatifull to see your money fall out of pocket !!great composants!how much at last?
Most components were prizes from various races or spares from sponsors. That's why it's a bit of a mix'n'match.

So, total cost: I really don't know.
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