Thursday, December 18, 2008


Wiring up the rear derailleur

Neatly trim the outer shield leaving approximately 10mm showing

Thread on the sealing bellows

Thread around to the attaching screw. Use the 'third hand' to pull it all taught.

At full pull, set the limit screw.

So easy, I wonder if I even deserve a beer for that. I'll have one whilst I think about it.

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These bikey bits are all so clean and polished and obviously new they have clearly never been used.

I am beginning to suspect that your cycling activities actually consist of you sitting in your garage drinking beer. Then you use Paint Shop Pro to stick your head on pictures of other blokes completing road races. We demand the truth.
This bike is being made out of spare parts that I've collected over the years. Many of them are old, but quite unused. The forks went out of production about 5 years ago, so they're at least that old. I just looked around my bike shed and thought "Hey, I've probably got enough here for a whole bike, lets put them together and see how far I get."

An example was the trigger shifters. I broke one during a race, a pair had to be bought as that was all that was available at short notice, to replace just one. Later the broken one returned from the manufacturers repaired. Hence the pair on the bike externally look the same but internally you can see they are from different years.

Much the same with the brake levers, that is why one was in a box, and the other in a bag. Now the grips are new, so as to fit in with the levers.

Yet if you feel the need to see me in the flesh, you are welcome to come along and cheer on Team Threaded at the races:
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