Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Replacing the wire on a SRAM XO front trigger shifter

Here's a spare trigger shifter I'm going to use. How come I had a spare? Well, in a race I broke one, just with my thumb pressure. It's surprising how strong you can get when racing. Sent it to be repaired, but had another race the next week. No one had any single trigger shifters in stock, so I had to buy a pair. Hence I ended up with this one as a left over. The broken one was replaced, but not after several months had passed, but more on that, and the consequences, in a later post.

I really dislike the stock wire on these SRAM XO trigger shifters. I guess it is OK for deserts or places where it isn't so dirty, but I race in gloopy horrid mud nearly everytime, and icy gloopy horrid mud is even more prone to jamming stuff up. So I'm going to replace it, before fitting to the bike.

So I undo this screw on the back.

This is the make of cable system I'm going to use. Gore Ride On. It is a sealed low friction system. It is without doubt the best there is, by a long way.

Like many things at this level of bicycle component, the box is a true beauty. Yet, it must be opened, it must be emptied, and eventually it even has to be thrown away.

So the screw is out, and the back should just pop off.

You can now push the wire backwards out.

Unravel the new wire. Try not to kink it. I don't, this picture is just for effect.

Find which end of the new cable has the correct sized rivet, i.e. the one that is the same size.

Double check it. Triple check it.

And check again before cutting off the other one.

The removed cable is rolled up. I give these away at race meets if I see someone who needs a new one. I don't use them, but that's no reason to waste it.

New cable is threaded in.

Make sure the rivet seats nicely.

And reassemble the shifter.

Actually quite stressful, everytime. If one makes a mistake, it can be expensive. So I recon I deserve a beer after that.

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Do you like bacardi ???
Sounds ok, bit of a girly drink though. I prefer Beer.
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