Saturday, December 13, 2008


Replacing the wire on a SRAM XO rear trigger shifter

The front trigger shift looks a little different to the rear. That is because the two I have are not really a pair. The design has altered over the years, and they come from different sets. I would like to think the front trigger shifter (that I changed the wire on in an earlier post) is a more modern design. It is easier to work on that one than this design, but I don't know.

Yet, lucky for you if you've surfed in looking for instructions on how to replace this cable, as you can find descriptions for both types here.

As before the little thumb-screw on the back is easy to remove, and you can then take the back off.

This looks like fun, not. I have to unthread the wire without disturbing this spring too much. Definitely do not want to bend the spring. That leads to pain.

A little gentle pressure and pushing the spring out of the way and the cable starts to unthread. Once I've removed this cable I wind it up and throw it in the 'spare parts to be given away' bin. I've mentioned previously I dislike the open system. I much prefered a sealed system.

Now inserting the new cable is fun. It has to thread through a small hole which has little guidance and doesn't line up nicely. A little screwdriver I long since modified for this specific task. Notice the rounded off edges. We do not want anything getting scratched or notched in here. These parts are right on the limit for design and any damage will make itself readily apparent when you're right at a very important part of a race.

Pull the cable through. Now just before the end stop is due to arrive, gently push the spring out of the way and lift the end-stop over the lip and up to the face.

On goes the back and, screwsin with the thumb screw.

Done, and I believe a beer is in order.

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