Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wheels and rim-tape

I open the delivery box with the wheels in and see what parts come with, and what I need that is missing. Rim-tape is missing. Rim-tape forms a barrier between the inner tube and the inside of the rim. If there was no rim tape the tube would press through the holes in the rims onto the spoke nipples or the tips of the spokes themselves, (if they protrude through the nipples,) these and the holes themselves are sharp and will puncture the tube in use.

Found some rim tape. I like plastic rim tape as the bicycle wheels will get quite a bit of water in them and cloth tape just rots, fails to protect the inner-tube and then you get a puncture that is unrepairable in the field.

There is a knack to installing rim-tape such as this as it is quite tight to get on. You first put a screwdriver through the valve hole in the rim-tape, and through the valve hole in the wheel. This ensures they start off more or less aligned. You then put another screwdriver on the rim and run it around to get the tape on. It is tricky and it feels like the tape will snap just before you get it all on, but it shouldn't. Now just before it is all on let the first screwdriver drop away, if it hasn't already, and get the tape all on the rim. Now the holes in the tape and the rim won't quite line up anymore, not to worry, just roll the screwdriver backwards and forwards and you'll see the holes come into alignment. When they're aligned, then take the screwdriver out.

Put the front wheel on.

And the back.

Looks more like a bicycle now.

Looks like a bike from this direction too!

Lots more parts to go on yet, so I'll have a beer as I decide what to do next.

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