Sunday, November 30, 2008


Rear cassette onto the rear wheel

This is the rear cassette I shall be using. It looks like a really heavy lump of metal, but in fact it is nice and light. It is mostly hollow inside, with what looks like the edges of a pyramid holding the cogs in position. Also as you can see in the picture, there are lots of little holes drilled in the cogs themselves to make it even lighter.

So off the bike comes the rear wheel, and onto the freewheel this cassette slides. These can be a bit of a pain to fit if you've not done it before as, although the splines look regular, they aren't, this is to ensure the whole arrangement only goes on in one way. There is a special tool to torque up the lock nut, and it is tempting to just grab the wheel when doing this, but one should use a chain whip on the cassette, otherwise you're damaging the freewheel and possibly taking you wheel out of true.

Shall I put the chain on now?

Nah, time for a beer.

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