Friday, November 28, 2008


Installing the front derailleur

This is the front derailleur in it's box. I check first before opening the box to see if this one is the correct type. I need to see the key statements: "top-pull" and "31.8mm" written on the side. The down tube is 31.8 mm diameter, if the derailleur is narrower than this it won't go around the tube, and if it is wider then it won't grip. It needs to be top pull as that is the direction the control cable will pull from. This can be seen from the frame as there is a cable stop near the top of the seat tube.

I shall read the instructions this time, as I am not 100% sure on what the spacing should be from the large chain ring to the unit. Also it tells me how tight to torque up the retaining bolt.

And there it is. Notice the lump of creamy-white plastic inside the derailleur, it helps to put something like that in whilst setting it up, otherwise the derailleur cage sits over the smallest chain-ring and it is hard to set the clearance to the large chain-ring.

Well, that was so easy I think it deserves a beer.

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