Thursday, November 27, 2008


Installing the chainset

This part is big and has lots of teeth on it. I shall read the instructions first this time. They say I should put some grease on and just slide it in.

So I put some grease on and slide it in. I let go and it swings down and sort of hangs there, kinda lifeless and forlorn looking. Looks sort of sad, doesn't it, like it is missing it's partner.

The instructions then say I put the other side on and with a hex bolt tighten it up. There are many ways to put the other crank arm on. I shall put it pointing away from the other so it looks like most other bicycles. Much happier looking now.

There are a couple of parts left over, look like little felt washers. The instructions say they are for the pedals.

Hmm, have to dig out some pedals, sure I have some laying about, but I think I'll have a beer whilst I think about where they might be.

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