Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Installing the bottom bracket

This is a bottom bracket and bearing. It's known as an external bottom bracket. Somehow the bearings screw into that tube at the bottom, but the bearing part stays outside, hence the name external bottom bracket bearing. I reason that it screws in because of the thread on the outside of the bottom bracket bearings and the internal thread on the corresponding part, the bottom bracket.

I wonder how it comes apart, pull at it, and with a pop it falls to pieces, bits flying all over. The middle part is some plastic tube with rubber rings to act as seals. Luckily I find all the parts. Hmm, I think I found them all.

I get it to pieces. This side won't screw in at first, so I do the otherside first. I try this side again, it won't go it, keeps skipping. In desperation I try screwing it backwards to try and find the thread start. Woo hoo, it starts to screw on. I read the instructions and it tells me that English thread is counter-clockwise on this side.

I screw it on with the spacers. There is a chart in the instructions about how to place the spacers for such and such chain line. I reckon that if I put the spacers in then if it isn't correct I can always take them back out, whereas if I don't put them in then I've used up future grip on the thread needlessly. Also, if I put the spacers on then I won't need to go hunting about for them some time in the future when I've forgetten where I put them to keep them safe for if I needed them at some future point. Or, something like that.

I torque it up and it's time for another beer.

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