Sunday, August 03, 2008


Post Danmark Rundt 2008 Result

Went out to watch the cycle race pass by. As the local stretch is in the middle of nowhere there weren't so many other spectators out there, but could see people dotted all the way down the road. As the sponsors went by they threw some goodies out, and as the peloton passed, some of the riders threw their water bottles.

There were four riders way out in front, two packs making up the peloton, and then one chap was way behind using the cycle path going for it, sure he would have caught up by the end.

So the result for the Post Danmark Rundt 2008 was:

4 water bottles
1, Zefal France
2, Slipstream Sports Chipotle Mexican Grill
3, Team Barloworld Bianchi

1 red clapper

7 bags of wine gums

6 boiled sweets

3 squeakers

Great fun, and one of the guys I know from my commute gave a little wave, which was nice.

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Do people usually throw things at you as they go by or is it only at cycle events? Anyway, I would hide behind a tree next time if I were you.
Oh yes, lots of things get thrown to the spectators. It is all part of the fun!
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