Wednesday, November 07, 2007


New Orchids

It seems lots of new and old orchids are making their presence known. Mine are throwing up new flowers, and some haven't stopped flowering at all this year and are starting to throw new spikes up. Result!

Young's Helleborine, or Epipactis Youngiana has been discovered on an old coal tip.

Encyclia kingsii found on Grand Cayman, when it is only supposed to live on Little Cayman.

Sikhim, a landlocked state in the north east of India, has many beautiful orchids. Sikkim state government has recently been in talks with the Orchid Growers’ Society of Thailand towards a memorandum of understanding to help develop its floriculture industry. If it increases the biodiversity of the supermarket orchids it must be a good thing, as everyone appears to think Phalænopsis is the only orchid...

Aerides crispum, Satyrium nepalense, Oberonia brunoniana blooms are having a very good year in Avalanchee Reserve Forest in the Nilgris, Tamil Nadu.

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