Sunday, September 16, 2007


MTB HotCup 2007 NCK Store Dyrehave (Hillerød)

Last race, 7th, in the HotCup today. Started in the rain, and when the race finished the Sun came out, lovely.

Dived into the odd mud wallow, for lack of a better technique.

One particularly scarey looking hill I took to walking down after the first attempt sent me off track, into the trees, and the bike seat kicked me hard. The photographer was there taking photos. He shouted cheerily "Women and small children ride this."

"They don't have testicles", I retorted.

Finished the race in 2hrs 1 minutes or so. Did 3 laps. Quite surprised how well I did.

Won a size 38 Ladies cycle shirt. I think it is quite lovely. Now I have to find a size 38 lady, as I don't think I know anyone that small. Maybe I shall put it in a picture frame as a trophy. Well, lets face it, it's the best I'm gonna do.

Quite surprised by my GPS track as well: I didn't realise the first lap was different. Possibly explains why I kept feeling lost...

The photographer, Jacob Lauritsen, took a good few pictures which he'll put up on the web. Shall edit this post when I find them, and here they are from the Team Hustler website:

In the background here. Was wondering why my bike cannot stay upright.

Going down the hill, joking with the photographer. Women and small children indeed! I now notice, from a look at the pictures, that quite a good few were walking it.

Didn't realise there were chaps behind me. Possibly explains how I managed to not come last.

Picture of just after I finished & covered in mud.

Another where I'm in the background.

Oh, nearly forgot: the cake afterwards was really good.


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I followed one of those links and the alt said

Klik for at se fuld størrelse billede

You think that's funny do you? I am not staying to be insulted.
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