Friday, August 24, 2007


Three cars and a bike

Todays crash involved three cars and a bicycle. The cyclist was not me I hasten to add. I was watching from my office window, vicarious amusement I know: but I do like to look up occasionally and watch the rush hour traffic at a nearby traffic-light controlled T-junction whilst doing the usual morning chores, especially if there is a squeal of tires, a blowing of horns. If they just co-operated with each other they'd all get through so much quicker, but they'd rather not methinks. Occasionally the various antics drivers get up to at the junction make for a bit of a chuckle.

This mornings chuckle involved three cars and a cyclist all running red-lights, the ensuing crumple of metal, shouting match, and then the ritual exchange of insurance details.

All rather mundane, but it was raining lightly, and as time went on the rain became harder, and then harder. The harder it got the more I wondered when they'd pack in with the shouting match and get onto the exchange of details, if only to save from getting soaked.

Then, just as they exchanged details and were heading back to their cars thoroughly soaked; the rain stopped like a light being switched off.

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