Wednesday, August 08, 2007


1hp = 746 watts

In my never ending quest to not come last in the bicycle races I enter I have had a Polar power meter fitted to one of my bicycles.

After spending a not inconsiderable amount of time checking and double checking the set up: the chain length, weight, distance between centres etc. all being quite important to the little beasties calculations, I took it out for a ride.

Found a nice long hill with steep bits and blasted up it, looked down and: 746 watts.

One of those WTF moments, lost my concentration, and nearly fell off!

On the way home got a puncture. Well, it is a racing bike after all, and has Panaracer tour guard tires, generally OK for the road, but a bit crap for the cycle paths round here. On my regular commuter I have Dutch Perfect armored tires, that's what is needed.

Checked all the measurements and settings, even took the chain off to weigh it again. Yeps, it is all correct.

Blooming 'eck, 746 watts: that's 1 horse power!


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