Thursday, May 03, 2007


Pedestrians and Car drivers

There I am on my bicycle waiting at a red light when a lady pedestrian runs out when the little red man is lit, promptly causing a taxi to do an emergency stop. The taxi just knocks her slightly. She bounces off the bonnet and continues to run across the road. Taxi driver shouts something, but she carries on. He waits a moment and then, with a shrug, drives on.

A chap on another bicycle by the side of me mutters something. I didn't catch what he said, so I smile politely.

The lady then runs out into the road, again, this time down the side of some parked cars. Chap besides me calls to her, incredulously, "Skal du kører bil os?" (You're allowed to drive a car?)

She looks back down the road at us with a withering look whilst opening the drivers side door, and gets in.

"Hold da kæft!" (WTF!) my fellow cyclist exclaims.

I nearly fall over laughing so much.

Later, I relate this story to some of my Danish co-workers, "Nørrebro" one of them comments, others nod sagely at this.

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