Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Feeling smug

It was raining when I got ready to cycle to work, not wanting to get wet thought I might see what the rain was doing on the DMI weather radar. This presents a little animation showing the clouds for the last 50 minutes. As I looked at the animation I thought of a cunning plan. Not as a cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, but something I considered of some small utility. Now it appeared the clouds were going in the general direction to work, and that there was to be a break in the clouds in a few minutes, (a break in the clouds therefore meaning no rain,) but the clouds were taking 50 minutes to travel my commute. Darn, on a good day I could do it, but I'd better use the bike with mud-guards, and if I were to get caught by the lights and slower traffic on the cycle path I'd end up wet, so reckoned that an extra 10 minutes had to be found somewhere. Looking at the animation, a eureka moment, I noticed the gap between one set of clouds and the next was 10 minutes! If I set off just as the rain stopped, and kept my average speed above 30 kph then I'd be safely inside the rain free box all the way to work.

And it worked, just as I locked my bicycle in the cycle shed the heavens opened, 59 minutes 26 seconds according to the cycle-computer, but I was dry, and feeling rather smug about it.


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