Tuesday, May 22, 2007


A car crash I found amusing

On my cycle commute in to work this morning at one point the kerb protecting the cycle path stops and the road joins for cars turning right. Well, a car overtook and cut in sharply causing me to brake suddenly. The car driver then decided they didn't want to turn right but go straight on and stopped on the zebra crossing just after the lights.

As the lights were red I thought I might inquire as to the drivers mental state and if they had some mechanical or electrical issues preventing the correct operation of brakes and indicators.

They assured me they were prefectly compos mentis and there was nothing wrong with their vehicle.

I suggested they calm down a little as Copenhagen is not the sort of place to go driving too fast, considering the traffic and all the cyclists. With a cheery waves we both continued on our journeys.

A little further on I heard a dull thud and saw the driver I had recently conversed with had decided that the driver of a dump truck was someone else they would wish to strike up a conversation with. Unfortunately the dump truck was not quite as quick as myself and duly rolled over the front of the car.

I pulled up to watch the dump truck driver, a couple of bin men who'd been surfing on the back, but were now picking themselves up from being unceremoniously dumped in the road, and car driver all arguing noisily with each other. It was something about mental state, brakes, and indicators.

"Keep it down." I asked, "Some people are trying to sleep here" and everyone gave each other cheery waves, although one of the bin men did more appear to be throwing a left hook at the car driver rather than waving.


Most satisfying. Reminds me of a time I was on my motorbike and felt there was black ice about so was going along rather gingerly. This damn women kept right on my tail revving the engine. Then she overtook on a bend, slid on a patch of ice and bashed into the far bank. SMUG.
Yeah, and it'll have been your fault for forcing them to overtake you!

Anyways as an update to this I noticed the dustbin men are no longer surfing the trucks. In fact, one truck I got close too this morning appears to have had the step and handles recently removed.
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