Thursday, December 21, 2006


Roadworks Glostrup

What is it with the road workers from the Kommune? What is it with them moving so slowly? It is beyond a joke how long these roadworks at Glostrup have been going on and they're a serious hazard.

This morning caught up with a guy who'd just been off'ed, got well bashed up, and his front wheel taco'ed when he hit a new hole they'd dug. No barriers, no warning, just a 60 cm deep hole dug in the middle of the cycle path.

Distracted wondering what the commotion was about, like a fool, I followed suit: What is that guy doing sprawled down there? BANG! WTF! Luckily being on a 29er mountain bike I managed only a bearing grinding sharp knock and my lights battery was loosened from the bottle cage where it lives.

I made sure the guy wasn't badly hurt, he was swearing quite well, refitted the battery and off I gingerly continued.


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