Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Agressive free newspaper vendors in Copenhagen

The latest menace to plague cyclists in København are the free newspaper vendors. These guys do not appear to have any conception of how dangerous they are. The regular one I have learned to watch out for stands in front of a shopping centre on Falkoner Allé, blocks the view of a zebra crossing further on and narrows the cycle path by standing in it with his arm outstreched profering a newspaper. (Must say that he now rapidly removes his arm when he sees it is me approaching.) Not so bad as I can't go so fast there as the road is already narrow and there is a bus stop, traffic lights and a couple of zebra crossings, not to forget to mention the crazies that stop and start off from the shopping centre itself without looking or signalling or a brain.

Anyways, back to this morning rant: there I am, it is starting to rain, and I'm blasting down Jagtvej, fighting my way past the squirrels etc., and then a free newspaper vendor jumps out from behind a tree right in front of me offering a free newspaper. Freaking lunatic. Had to drop onto the road proper to avoid an accident.


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