Friday, September 01, 2006


Danes the worst drivers in the world - probably

Was just on the morning news announced that the Danes are the worst drivers in the world.

What, like they've only just noticed?

I've been saying for years, what with the very low traffic volumes, that the number of accidents is obscene. Not a week goes by without me seeing an ambulance scrapping some poor unfortunate off the road. I have to detour around a crumpled wreck shunted onto the cycle path way too often. For the life of me how difficult is it to get 'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' in the correct order?

The number of times I had my clothes ruined by becoming covered in blood whilst giving first aid when happening upon a recent accident is just not right.

Also I avoid the rush hours ...

And in the 30 odd seconds it has taken to scribble this missive I have heard 11 car horns, 5 squealing tires and 2 skids from the little junction just outside my window.

edit - and just as I hit post there was a rear end shunt. Wonderful, now there'll be even more broken glass for me to cycle over.

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