Monday, June 19, 2006



Well, there was a particularly strong wind blowing, and managed to get through a few lights where normally I have to pull up.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006



New record, head wind all the way, or is just that I'm going so fast...

Also forgot to post my previous best score of 1:53:47 from the 29th May.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


Overheard in the office ...

Have a couple of Russian programmers working with me for a few days, and the only free desk for one of them was next to a window, where the sun streams in, but without a blind.

Well, there is a blind, but it is still in its box, propped up against the wall next to the window.

One of the managers comes in this morning with a little box of tools and suggests to one of the guys that he might want to install the blind.

A few minutes later the Russians are conversing in Russian and I overhear one bitchin' to the other thinking no one was listening: "I'm software, not a f**king hardware guy."

¤ time passes ¤

He is now trying to install the blind. As it is a sloping roof he has just banged his head, (edit twice (edit three) times). I am now learning some new variations of common swear words.

He's also doing it completely wrong, but it is way too entertaining to watch than to step in and help.

You'd think "Darn, he's looking at the instructions, that'll spoil the fun.", you'd be wrong. Luckily, with my ever trusty time machine, I saw this moment coming and previously swapped them for some I had at home for a not so dissimilar, OK completely different, fitting.

¤ time passes ¤

After dropping one of the pieces, a long length of aluminium moulding, several times, with a rather large clanging noise, each time, the manager came in and said "Threaded, won't you give him a hand?"

So I started clapping. Isn't it great being a contractor?

Then took me 5 minutes. Most of the five minutes were spent in retrieving various parts from where they had shot off too, getting some tools from my bicycle and an ice pick from the canteen.

So now it is done, and the show is over. Have to get on with some work now. Maybe.

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