Monday, April 24, 2006


Monday morning drivers ... and cyclists

First up this morning, I am cycling through a tunnel under the railway, it is quite narrow so it has signs saying my direction, as it so happens, has right of way. Well, Mr White Van Man is having none of that, not for him the inconveniences of traffic rules, but where am I to go? He is forced to stop or have me as a new mascot. Then whilst holding the top of his steering wheel with his two smallest fingers, the other two and thumb balancing a can of Carlsberg beer on the rim (yes, do remember this is first thing on a Monday morning) he gives me the finger with his free hand. Which was nice...

A little further on I am glad to have been slowed as I watch a JCB being driven badly onto a low loader. How badly driven? Well, as I approached I saw and heard it fall off the edge and onto its side. JCB is now blocking the entire road. Once I see no one is hurt, I sit at the side of the road having a good laugh, there but for the grace of god and all that: if it weren't for Mr White Van Man I might have been right underneath it when it went...


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