Saturday, February 11, 2006


How do you define death?

Now, some define death as when then the heart stops beating. Yet, that ain't so good is it? The brain can still keep on working if you're attached to a heart lung machine...

Again, some define death as when the brain stops working. Yet, that ain't so good is it? There are numerous cases where people have been in a persistive vegatative state, and then for some inexplicable reason all of a sudden "woke up" and started responding to stimuli...

Here I am discussing this with a medical person of note, (I cannot say who as she would be easily identifiable if I gave more clues), and she contends that if your ass stops working, that is a definate indication you are dead (or very soon start to smell real bad).

So, as an aid memoir to the congregation gather here today: look after your ass and be real good to it, because when the grim reaper calls, he will check your ass.

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