Friday, September 02, 2005


New water meter

Received a letter some months ago informing me that I was to have a new water meter installed today between 9 and 11 am. So I booked the best part of the morning expecting whoever to: if they did turn up at all forget the tools etc. etc.

Imagine my surprise when the ederly gentleman turned up at 8.30, apologised for arriving early, and asked if it was OK to proceed.

During conversation I illicited that the water meters are changed every few years as they "calc" up, i.e. stuff in the water eventually bungs up the works. My water meter was installed in 1991, it said so on the meter. Now I have a new meter with 2005 on it.

The old meter was reading 1094 cubic meters, so in its life that is 1 094 000 liters = 240 646.258 Imperial gallons = 4 624 067.58 US cups. Gosh that's an awful lot of water.

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