Thursday, September 01, 2005


ActiveSync 'Synchronize with Server' Warnings in Calendar

Synchronize with Server
Some Calendar entries will not sync.

Essentially the entries in Calendar that you've labeled, the ones you've coloured, them important meetings, appointments, etc. cannot synchronize with Server ActiveSync.

Pants! How long has this bug been in Microsoft Windows? It is still here in Windows Small Business Server. That is just not good enough. Wish I could get at the source code, I recon it is only a 5 minute fix.

With Microsoft Outlook, you can apply labels, typically a special color and text label, to appointments in Calendar. Unfortunately these appointments with labels cannot synchronize with Server ActiveSync. So users who synchronize Calendar with Server ActiveSync cannot see labeled appointments on their Pocket PCs.

To synchronize an appointment that has a label, you could switch off syncing with the server, and sync locally, then use Outlook to set the label for the appointment to None, and synchronize again.

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